The general definition of archaeology is the determination and interpretation of archaeological
finds or material remains of life from the past.
Archaeological finds help to interpret historical events. Following
presented underwater archeology is an archaeological discipline
adapted to the underwater medium.

Diving center SUBSEASON offers THEMATICALLY ENRICHED guided dives and COURSES
on locations related to ancient waterways where we can see the remains and fragments of
pottery and objects as witnesses of events over a long period of time with the aim and purpose
of promoting diving and the island of Losinj as a rich cultural and historical destination .

SUBSEASON Diving Mali Lošinj provide training and organize SSI Underwater Archaeology specialty courses.

Divers through fun learn about the importance of not taking home souvenirs from the bottom,
but impressions and knowledge in order to preserve the seabed and rich cultural and historical
heritage so that they will be inspiration for future generations …